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Glenda Pagan-Gonzalez, Owner and Baker

About Key Treats

Glenda is a part time real estate agent in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, a mom of four, and owner of Key Treats, LLC. Her passion for sweets and baskets began at one of her first jobs working at a candy shop located inside a mall in Guayama, Puerto Rico. When she moved to the US she was always making treats. Her children have early memories of bringing chocolate lollipops to school and selling them.

"Mom has always been creative". - Her oldest.

About Glenda

In the midst of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Glenda found herself in a predicament like many others. Her real estate business had slowed down significantly. Additionally, she had just given birth to her baby boy. She got innovative along side her oldest daughter, desiring to serve the real estate agents whose business was still going with custom closing gift... that's how Key Treats - Gifts and Baskets began!


At the exact time as a favor for her guest she made cookies for her 6 year olds birthday party. 

After those cookies she gave her guest she received 1 order every other month, then every month, then 2 a month... fast forward to December 2021 when she received her largest order for 150 boxes of cookies! In July of 2022, she yielded to the demand, changed her business model, opened up a shop and here they are in 2023... 


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